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Here you will find inspiration of activities, travel, hotels, restaurants and other sorts of entertainment across the world. Below we have listed terms and conditions for using the GUGO platform. This applies both to users visiting GUGO as well as for users creating an account.

We / us / our = The company and service GUGO

You / yours = Users of GUGO


Create an account

When you create an account at GUGO you confirm that all the information you share are correct and your own. It's not allowed to use other people's name and information.

To create an account you need to be at least 18 years or have approval from your guardians.

When you create an account you will get the opportunity to find and follow topics of your interests. GUGO will use this to recommend events, travel destinations, activities etc that we think you will like. Read more about GUGO´s privacy policy

You are responsible for the content in comments that you may share. Comments that don't fill a purpose for GUGO might be deleted and comments that break the law might be reported to the police.

GUGO reserves the right to delete your account if we suspect or catches you violating these terms and conditions.

Creating an account at GUGO is free of charge unless something else is clearly marked.


This is NOT allowed on GUGO

Content, tech, data and code that you get access to through GUGO is not allowed to spread further or use for self benefit without GUGO’s written permission. This includes depictions on other websites or services.

Monitor, copy or scrape content, code or other things that are a part of GUGO without our written permission.

Expose the service for disproportionately large amount of stress that might affect speed and performance.

To share content that can harm GUGO or it’s users. This can be information, phishing, unwanted marketing, destructive files or viruses and other malware that can result in damages for third party.

If you share content on GUGO you are responsible that you own the copyright or have the copyright owners permission to share the content.

GUGO is not responsible for content shared by users, companies and partners using the platform. However GUGO should work actively to remove content that are in violation of the terms and conditions.

If you find content that you think might be illegal or in violation of GUGO’s terms and condition you can contact [email protected]


Delete account

All users can remove their account when they want. This is easily done in your user settings. Observe that GUGO might have your email saved in it’s email register, you can easily remove your email by unsubscribing in any of our sendouts.

GUGO reserves the right to delete accounts that are misusing the service according to GUGO's judgement or are violating terms and conditions or breaking laws. 


Third party suppliers

GUGO use third party suppliers to supply booking services and marketing. The suppliers can specialize in advertising, bookings, support, marketing or similar. These suppliers can have their own terms and conditions which you approve of when using their services.


Free of liability

Even though GUGO works actively to confirm that all information on the platform is correct and relevant we don´t leave any guarantees. Mistakes, errors or misunderstandings that might appear is not GUGO’s responsibility. If this happens it’s primarily up to the user, third party supplier or the event / travel / activity organizer to resolve the issue.

It's also the user's responsibility that text, images, videos, music or other types of content is not in violation of any copyright laws. GUGO can never be responsible for copyright claims.

Users on GUGO use the platform at his or her risk. GUGO and its employees can never be responsible for damages, misunderstandings, loses or similar that might occur through direct or indirect use of the platform.

Otherwise Swedish law applies when using GUGO. All forms of criminal activity might be reported to the police authority.



All information that you find on GUGO is to be considered as copyright protected. This includes logos, text, images, videos, music, sound, code or other things you can find on GUGO. To use this you need GUGO´s written approval.

If you find information that you think might be in violation of copyright protected material you can contact [email protected]


Changes in terms & conditions

GUGO might update and make changes in the service, company address and registration number or overall change terms for using the platform. When you create an account on GUGO you approve future terms and condition changes that might be conducted.


Company information


VAT: SE559004173601

Hildebergsvägen 24

11762 Stockholm



Contact: [email protected]