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Rademachersmedjornas utomhusscen

Six failures and a doctor - in Eskilstuna

Six failures and a doctor are a fast-paced comedy in true Commedia dell'arte spirit. The story takes place when the young lovers Flavio and Flavia promise each other eternal faithfulness. Flavia's father; However, Dottore has other plans for her daughter and wants to marry her with the Capitano battle strike. When the young lovers ask Zanni for help, the disaster is close. We offer an evening of music, comedy and acrobatics.

Target audience: Adults
Performance Length: About 50 min without break
Script and direction: Micke Klingvall
Actors: Amanda Jalmberger, Ola Wallinder, Yosefin Buohler och Martin Åkesson

Arena: Rademachersmedjorna - Eskilstuna
Date Time
Friday, juli 20th 18:30
Saturday, juli 2 th 15:00
Thursday, juli 26th 18:30
Friday, juli 27th 18:30
Saturday, juli 28th 15:00
Sunday, juli 29th 15:00

Price: 200 SEK/ticket.
Note! The tickets are not refundable and can´t be cancelled.
Show the booking confirmation or inform your reservation number to the staff.