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Gräddö brygga

Seakayaking - First try course with Kajak och Uteliv

The course starts at 9.30am Gräddö Bridge and runs until about 12:30 when we are back at kayak center , in the afternoon you will then have access to the kayak and can paddle around surrondings of Gräddö. During the course, all aspects of Paddle Pass level white will be practiced and if the participant meets all the requirements he/she will obtained Paddle Pass level white .

Course content: The correct sitting position in the kayak , basic knowledge of the kayak , how to handle the kayak on land, in and out , and basic paddling techniques for forward paddling and sweep stroke and rudder function.

Time: 9.30am - 12.30 and time for self- paddling in the afternoon.

Dates 2020:
June: 13th, 30th
July: 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th,
August: 4th and 11th

This is included
kayak, paddle , spray skirt , life jacket , well-trained instructor.

Own equipment
Outdoor clothes (not jeans or cotton), long johns and long sleved top (t.ex. craft), wet-weather clothes, swimming togs, waterproof shoes, towel, sunhat, sunscreen, sunglasses, change of clothes if you get wet, waterbottle (you can fill it at Kajak och Uteliv), something warm to drink, lunch, snack, drybag (plastic bag is fine). If you like you can bring goggles