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Strandvägen 14

Rent a canoe 24 hours, Week.

The canoes for rent are Linder aluminium canoes of the model Inkas 525.

Length: 525 cm.
Width:90 cm.
Loading capacity: 400 kg
Max 3 persons.

Extras are available for rent.

If you need extra stability e.g. during fishing, hunting or if you are handicapped,
pontoons are available.

All activities at your own risk.

A fee of 50 SEK/canoe/night is added for maintenance of the shelters
by the the municipality of Olofström.

When booking online: section of the ”Number of days” = Number of days, 24 hours from arrival to
departure (am 10,00-10,00 or pm 16,00-16,00). 1 week = 6 over nights.

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