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Öster Malma

Öster Malma castle: Hotel and Hostel, Nyköping

We are able to offer our guests both hotel standard as well as hostel in the castle wings. Regardless of which alternative you choose, you are sure to spend the night peacefully surrounded by the beautiful nature of Sörmland on your doorstep. We guarantee that you will be very tempted to take a vigorous walk before breakfast.

The restaurant is open for lunch Monday – Sunday. Evenings and weekends, the restaurant in open on request. Contact us – we can always offer our game cold plate, and hot food when we have other dinner bookings.

In our farm shop you can purchase wild game meat and gifts.

To do here: Game enclosure, Wild boar enclosure, Badger enclosure
Aviaries, Game trail, Shooting range, Walking in nature, Art exhibition Nordic Wild Life

Distances: Nyköping = 28 km, Skavsta Airport = 35 km, Gripsholm Castle = 45 km,
Stockholm = 82 km, Arlanda Airport = 121 km