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Gärdet, Lindarängsvägen

Oktoberfest Stockholm 15-18/8-2018

Welcome to the famous Oktoberfest Stockholm – a festival of Lederhosen, beer and pop music! We celebrate with the happy mood in a tent of 2,100 people.

Oktoberfest has a long tradition that started in Munich 200 years ago. We celebrate that the harvest is gathered. When you get to the tent, you will feel like you are in Munich. Blue and white are the colours that characterise an authentic Oktoberfest tent and our waitresses and waiters are dressed in Dirndl and Lederhosen because that’s how we dress at Oktoberfest.The tent will be filled with long tables, we serve a lovely 1 liter beer that is brewed for Stockholm Oktoberfest and it is certain it won’t be long till you feel like singing along and standing on the benches. It’s the genuine Oktoberfest – sing along and just socialise – a motto that guarantees a great evening. Our beer is brewed according to the German Reinheitsgebot (German Beer Purity Law) and is 5.0% vol. – Oktoberfest beer you’ll love.

Entrance is free on Wednesday and Thursday.On Friday and Saturday the entrance is 60 krona. We have beer, cider and food for sale. Fantastic Tyrolermusik and Bavarian beer, which is served by women in Dirndl and men in Lederhosen. The festival takes place 15th to 18th of August. We bring our own beer directly from Bavaria, Germany.

Come and experience the amazing atmosphere!

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