Västra vägen 13

Lobster safari

The archipelago between Fotö and Vinga is the finest lobster water. On September 23, 2020, we draw the first lobster tins, fishing continues until last November. The crab catch that you get you can bring home. You can buy lobster at a good price.

We make a coffee break approx. 30 min at Vinga with sandwich and coffee / tea / drink included in the price. Notify if you have special wishes, allergies, etc.

For company and company call or email [email protected] your request.

If you have a wish for Hummersupé and / or overnight stay, we can arrange it according to availability. Motorhome pitches are available.

For bus tour list from Gothenburg to Fotö and Hönö
Klåva see www.vasttrafik.se