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Långasjönäsvägen 49

Långasjönäs Camping & Stugby

Experience the beautiful and peaceful nature of Långasjönäs Nature Reserve. Here you can relax for real, right in Karlshamn nature reserve with lovely views over Lake Långasjön. Here is our campsite & holiday village, with a great selection of accommodation with different standards.
The campsite has about 90 places and in our holiday village we have a total of 53 cottages. All of our cottages have beautiful views over Långasjön and many of them are only a few meters from the waterside. 7 cottages are detached with their own plot. Most of them even have their own small beach. The largest beach of the municipality of Karlshamn also lies on our camping area, a perfect place for children and families to swim and play.
Långasjönäs recreational area is located at Långasjön, a popular area that is appreciated both by visitors, as well as those who live here. Långasjön has several natural, small sandy beaches and fresh and clean water. At the campsite you can rent rowing boats, canoes & kayaks and even a few bikes are available. Here you can also buy fishing licenses. Around all surrounding lakes you will find barbecue places in the wilderness. Walking trails of various lengths (Blekingeleden) are passing through this area and many of our visitors come especially for walking and hiking in beautiful Långasjönäs nature reserve.
Many of our visitors also come for fishing. There are fishing opportunities for both recreational anglers, more serious anglers and everything in between. You can fish right at the campsite in Långasjön or in one of the Kroksjöarna, where you can fish for rainbow trout. Are you looking for the ultimate fishing experience? Try Mörrum, a real fishing paradise. Here you can catch the world’s largest salmon (over 1 meter), brown trout and rainbow trout.
Not far from the cabins and campground you will find Nytorpet (an outdoor promoting facility) with a wood-fired sauna, located at one of the Kroksjöarna lakes. The perfect place for an outdoor sauna experience, followed by a dip in the lake. From Nytorpet there are five marked walking trails between 1-8 km long . The loop that goes around the Little Kroksjön Lake is accessibility adapted and 2.2 km long.
Our guests on the campsite and in the holiday villages have access to shower and sauna in the utility building. For our camping guests there is a kitchen, as well as a room to sit and eat your meal. You get a key card at check-in, providing access to the facility. Showers cost 5 kr/5 min.
Please check out our new website www.langasjonas.com to read more about all there is to do. We also have a brand new booking system, which allow you to book both cottages and camping places directly online.
Welcome to Långasjönäs.

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