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Västra vägen 13

Guided archipelago tour with seal safari and one visit at the island of Vinga

You will see and experience the beautiful archipelago between Hönö and Vinga. The creator tells about life on the islands and exciting events that happened where we pass. When Nelson's Victory and English fleet was sailed at Vinga. World War II last hour when the German submarine U 3503 dropped near Fotö on the evening of May 8, 1945. About dramatic rescue operations of shipwrecked in the past and modern times. Sailing safari, at a seal colony, we get pretty close without disturbing and can study them in their proper environment while the guide tells us how they live. The visit to the wing is 30 min. You get up to the guy and buy ice cream in the kiosk at the harbor. The trip back to Hönö takes 30 min and goes through nature ports.