Västra vägen 13

Guided archipelago tour 2 1/2 hours with seal safari and approx. 1 hour stop at Vinga

Spring season 1 April - 15 June, autumn season 1 September - 30 November we start from Fotö and drive the days when the weather is nice. Call and check with the skipper.
Summer season 16 June - 31 August starts from Hönö Klåva. Then you can book online here.

You get to see and experience the beautiful archipelago between Hönö and Vinga. The skipper tells about life on the islands and real events from history.

You will find out what happened on the last day of World War II at Fotö on May 8, 1945 and the fate of the submarine U-3503 and its crew that sank there. You also get the story of the English free port during Napoleon's continental block 1807-1812. The stories are exciting for children and adults.

On the way to Vinga stops at a seal colony without disturbing. Where we see the seals in their real environment while the skipper tells how they live and feel.

The visit to Vinga island is about 1 hour. There you can discover Vinga on your own, take a dip in the clear water by the harbor or in Gattulvsviken, see the lighthouse and buy an ice cream or souvenir in the harbor kiosk. You can also go on a guided tour with Winga friends. Then you get the story of Vinga and life on the island. Go 115 steps up to the lighthouse and get a wonderful view.

Visit the lighthouse and the museum in Evert Taube's childhood home. On the journey back that goes through natural harbors, the skipper continues his stories.

We do our best for you to discover our beautiful and exciting archipelago in the best way with the sightseeing boat Belle-Amie

Note the lighthouse and museum closed due to Covid-19 we follow FHM recommendations