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Comedy-act - Mic drop your life

Presens impro is an improv group consisting of some of the absolute best improvisers in Sweden.
During this brilliant and impressive show, you get to see the comedians improvise sketches in the first act. The content of the sketches are taken from questions they ask to the guest of the evening.
In the second act, the guest is interviewed about his or her life for about 10 minutes in front of the audience and then improvisers perform a hip-hop musical based on that interview.

My Gudmundsdotter
Erik Broström
Olov Häggmark
Elias Bjärgvide

Björn Ende

Length 2 hours incl. pause
Doors open 18.30
Showstart 19.00

6 september the duo Amanda Colldén and Anna Dahlbäck from the podd "Alla våra ligg"
20 september Henrik Hjelt
18 oktober Cissi Forss
6 december Clara Henry