Comedy-act - Flashback

This performance is completely improvised, which means that the actors have not scripted or agreed on what to say or do on stage before the show.
It may sound difficult or just weird? But after just a few minutes down in Presens Improv Cellar, you realize you're safe. The comedians here are extremely professional at playing sketches that have never been played before and will never be played again.
This is the show where you get to see sketches like in Satuday night live or Monthy Python invented in the moment.
Presens is hosted by a comedian who shares memories and tells anecdotes. Based on these memories the actors gets inspired and creates sketches you have never seen before!

My Gudmunsdotter and/or Erik Broström

Guest this fall:
13 september Ola Aurell
27 september Ahmed Behran
11 oktober Pernilla Hammargren
16 november Elinor Svensson

Length: 2 hours incl. pause
Doors open 18.30
Showstart 19.00