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Storgatan 6

Clarion Collection Wellington

Hotel Wellington is in a fantastic location at the very heart of the most fashionable district in Stockholm. It's a calm and lovely place, just a stone's throw from the famous covered market and bustling streets of Östermalm.

You've got everything within walking distance: shopping, leisure activities, restaurants. And we're situated not far from the water, picturesque bridges and Kungliga Djurgården - a park with enormous green areas and lots of fun things to do.

The rooms at Hotel Wellington are all fitted out in different ways, with a beautiful feel for all things typically British: Checked patterns and classic colour selections give a snug, homely feel and create a wonderful, inspiring atmosphere. This is just the place for you if you value having your own little place where you can feel right at home.

Many of our 60 rooms also have their own terrace, balcony (floor 6 and 7) or outdoor area (first floor). We have also updated all our rooms with DVD´s and you can find films in the reception.