Gåda Sundsvägen 293

Bear watching in the real wilderness Sweden

A fantastic experience which Norrigarden have created the best possible conditions for the guests to have the opportunity to watch wild animals of any kind in their natural environment and especially bear.
A stay in the hide gives you amazing close encounter with nature and you can see the real king of the forest bear up close.

The hide is comfortable furnishings, and you sit comfortably and have the opportunity to rest if you wish while you wait for the bear to be found outside the windows that give all round visibility.
Norrigarden hiding in Scandinavia bear dense area and this is a good chance to see them in their natural environment.

In this area there are also many other animals such as wolves, wolverines, lynx, red fox, eagles, deer, moose, beaver and raccoon, with some luck you may see them from our hiding place or in transit to and from the hide. There is an abundance of birdlife, including willow, hazel grouse, owl, three-toed woodpecker, waxwing, Siberian Jay, Little Bunting, Rustic Bunting, Whooper swan, osprey, cranes, pygmy owl and woodpecker. Red-throated Diver nest each year around. In the spring you can see both capercaillie and black grouse game.

In the hide is also a small library of literature on the animals that live outside of the hide.
After a night with hopefully unique bear memories, you are guided back to Norrigarden for a possible breakfast and rest before departure. You can also book a day with the option to visit the hide more nights, or stay in one of our fine accommodation with nice places to visit nearby.
Hide accommodate 6-8 people but Norrigarden recommend 2-6 people

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