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Hälsovägen 22

Attendo Park Hotel

At Attendo Park Hotel, we offer a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere were you can relax whether your visit is for business or pleasure. Our 33 hotel rooms have been furnished in a way that creates peace and harmony. All rooms are equipped with TV, WIFI, a work area, fridge and a small kitchenette. We provide our guests with a healthy breakfast buffet after a good night’s sleep.

Attendo Park Hotel is located at a walking distance from the commuter train station namned Flemingsberg. Several buses leaves just outside the hotel and can take you to both commuter trains and metros.

The hotel is non-smoking and accessible for the handicapped.

Reception hours until 23/6

Monday - Thursday 7:00 -18:00

Opening hours in summer

Midsummer 24-26/6

Midsummer Evening 24/6 07:00-14:00
Midsummer Day 25/6 08:00-14:00
Sunday, 26/06 08:00-14:00

Opening hours from 27/6-14/8

Monday - Friday 07:00-15:00
Weekends and holidays 08:00-14:00

Upon arrival after reception hours please contact the hotel for information regarding late check-in.