About GUGO

GUGO helps people find activities, travel, entertainment, restaurants, accomodation, history or similar inspiration. Did you find something you like? Then it's easy to save your favorites through your GUGO account and book when the time is right. Through your GUGO account you can also follow your interests and we'll send inspiration once we find something we think you will like. 

GUGO also operates several social medias and websites in travel and entertainment with hundred of thousands of followers. 

GUGO launched in 2018. 


Focus on the user

GUGO should always strive for an excellent user experience. This applies for visitors and users of the platform as well as companies that want to market and sell their events. Also writers / bloggers and employees are included in this value. 

Social responsibility

We at GUGO considers companies to have a social responsibility. GUGO should actively focus and assist with it´s knowledge and experiences to develop communities for the greater good. 


GUGO should always strive to deliver a nice and joy full experience for companies and people that get in contact with the service. This includes partners, employees and other that have a relation to the company or service.